What is EFFEVENT ?

EFFEVENT : The event of sparkling wines
EFFEVENT : The organizer of The Sparkling Wine Forum and VITeff

“We are developing an ambitious and tailored offer that meets the expectations and economic realities of the sparkling wine sector: a range of events and reference content, relying on internationally recognized and established partners.”

EFFEVENT is a simplified joint stock company created in 2019 through the association of several entities: the Territorial Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Marne en Champagne, Nord Est Expansion, NGPA – Nouvelle Génération de Presse Agricole, ACOHBA and UCIA Expos.

It has been created to promote the know-how of sparkling wine technologies and, more broadly, to develop events serving the sparkling wine sector, in France and internationally

EFFEVENT is committed to making Champagne the global epicenter of effervescence by relying on the skills, knowledge, and unique expertise of sparkling wine industry players.

Our events

> VITeff : The Sparkling Wine Exhibition

From october 10th to 13th 2023, in Épernay (Grand Est, France)

VITeff is the only International Exhibition of Sparkling Wine Technology. Organized until 2019 by the CCI of Marne, its management was taken over by the company EFFEVENT.

In 2021, it hosted 340 exhibitors and more than 20,000 visitors on 26,000m² of exhibition space dedicated to sparkling wine technologies and awarded 4 innovation prizes. Over 4 days, it brings together excellence in the industry in various fields:

Viticultural equipment: tractors, soil work, planting, fertilizer and phytosanitary inputs, pruning, vine maintenance…

Winemaking equipment: transport, handling, pressing, grape treatment, vatting, analysis equipment…

Bottling equipment: cleaning, filling, disgorging, closing, packaging, handling, storage…

Products and accessories required for viticulture: phytosanitary inputs, fertilizers, biodegradable products…

Products for wine production and treatment: maintenance, cleaning, treatment of musts and wines…

Products and consumables for bottling and marketing: bottles, corks, wire hoods, wirehood plates, overpacks…

Buildings and general products: energy, fluids, environment, hygiene, logistics, information technology, maintenance

Services: service providers, consulting, commercial and financial assistance, communication, oenological analysis laboratory…

> Sparkling Wine Forum

June 20th 2023, in Le Village by CA in Reims (Marne, France)

Sparkling Wine Forum is an exhibition conference that wants to act as a link between the field of research and that of economic development and innovation at all levels of the sparkling wine industry. It is a professional event aimed at sparkling wine producers, companies in the sector, oenologists, project managers, trade press, etc.

It intends to bring together the innovations developed around the world at the service of the sparkling wine supply chain and share them with the various players in the local network of the region hosting the conference.

Sparkling Wine Forum is an event created on the initiative of EFFEVENT, to position Champagne as an international crossroads of know-how and excellence for the entire sparkling wine sector. It is organized in collaboration with VINIDEA, an Italian company specialised in training and continuing education for professionals in the wine sector.

The first edition of Sparkling Wine Forum intends to respond to the current concerns of the players in the sparkling wine chain on the topic of “How can sparkling wines cope with climate change?” by proposing several conferences and targeted talks by researchers from Champagne but also from other sparkling wine areas in France and abroad, with contributions from the companies in the sector that are most active on the innovation front.

The various speeches will cover the entire value chain of the sparkling wine industry: from viticulture and the environment to oenology and the expectations of marketing and consumers.

All presentations will be translated into English or French and will be filmed to be later accessible.