The differents sectors

Like every show, the VITeff – International Sparkling Wine Technology Show has several spaces that categorize content for a better visitor experience.

Historically, the VITeff is divided into 3 exhibition sectors and conference spaces and a space dedicated to innovation and related themes (wine tourism, employment, international etc.).

> Exhibition halls

The exhibition halls are dedicated purely to the activity of the exhibitors, in which the atmosphere is friendly and some stands are spectacular. There are two interior lobbies and one exterior lobby.

The Services Hall

Easily recognizable, the Hall Services (formerly Hall Bulle) is the imposing capital opposite the Millesium. This 6400m² hall gathers the vast majority of service providers.

It includes, but is not limited to:

  • General buildings and products (energy, fluids, environment, hygiene, logistics, IT, maintenance)
  • Services (Consulting, commercial and financial assistance, communication, oenological analysis laboratory, etc.)
  • Products and consumables for bottling and marketing (bottles, stoppers, muzzles, muzzle plates, overpackages, etc.)
The Services Hall in 2021

The Viti-Vini Hall

Formerly Hall Champagne, Hall Viti-Vini is located inside the Millesium of Epernay. In 2021, more than 110 exhibitors shared a 2500m² exhibition area.

It is the preferred sector to see all the innovations in vats, presses, labellers, gyropalettes etc. Thus, we find without limitation:

  • Wine equipment (transport, handling, pressing, harvest processing, vatting, analysis equipment, etc.)
  • Bottling equipment (cleaning, filling, disgorging, closing, packing, handling, storage, etc.)
  • Products for wine preparation and processing (maintenance, cleaning, treatment of musts and wines, etc.)
The Viti-Vini Hall in 2021

The Open Air sector

The Air Libre sector corresponds to the entire outside area of the VITeff. In this space, vineyard machines such as striders, tractors, trailers and other tools are displayed on large stands.

Millesium’s backside and the Open Air sector in 2021

It is outside that we also find the fast food court to take a break in the day of walking.

The Millesium’s frontside and the Open Air sector in 2021

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