Become an exhibitor

Each show has its own exhibitor registration process and it is sometimes difficult for a company to navigate through it. This page is therefore intended for companies who wish to apply to VITeff 2023 to know where to start.

> Does my activity correspond to VITeff?

The VITeff is the international exhibition for sparkling wine technologies and takes place every two years. At each edition, some companies are denied access to VITeff. In general, it is because their activity is not in accordance with the technological aspect, nor with sparkling wines.

It is therefore worth asking the following question: Is the product or service I want to present potentially expected by the visitorat of the VITeff?

This question is important because the visitors of the VITeff are for the vast majority of professionals sparkling wines. Even if we find a share of individuals, the VITeff is the meeting place of these professionals and must keep a consistent guiding thread.

Thus, any company with a link to the sparkling wine sector is welcome on the VITeff.

> How to register for the VITeff?

The VITeff is one of the fairs that digitized the registration process. The organizing team is still available by phone or email to answer questions from exhibitors or future exhibitors.

In all cases, whether you are already exposed to VITeff or not, here’s how to register for VITeff:

I have never been exhibitor at VITeff

If this is the case, fill out this form to allow the organization to open an application file for you.

The organizers will then come back to you for the rest of the registration process.

I have received my login and password for 2023

If you are in this case, then you have already received your codes to access the exhibiting registration platform. If you have not received identifiers, please contact the organization to resolve this issue.

Your exhibitor’s space allows you to prepare your visit to the VITeff. This is where you specify the booth area you need, and the various services we offer.

You now have all the keys to embark on the VITeff adventure. Then join the hundreds of companies that support the sparkling wine technology industry.