New Products 2019

ASTIC PACKAGING (Andrézieux-Bouthéon, 42160)
Cardboard assembly plus cushioning (an automatic plate that can be shaped without manipulation). This set can hold up to 6 bottles of different shapes. A “snail-shaped” layout allows the entire surface of the pallet to be used with good stabilization during transport. The current standard flat cartons do not allow it, therefore, winegrowers use non-standard pallets (which is more expensive) or put less cardboard on the surface of the latter.
Contact: David Verrier
Tel: +33 6 66 18 85 50 –

ASTIC PACKAGING (Andrézieux-Bouthéon, 42160)
It is a more raised pallet set and a cap, the whole is clip-on and locked by a customizable strap (guarantee and safety key). This set is 100% recyclable and recycled.
Contact: David Verrier
Tel: +33 6 66 18 85 50 –

BARANGE (Dizy, 51)
Production of recycled cork agglomerates as part of the “Epsyvin” program and the collection of corks by the “Epernay Agglo Champagne”, sorted and processed by “L’ESAT Ateliers de la Vallée”. 2 agglo materials are being produced :
– POP MAT: Agglomerated from ESAT granulate
– POP DESIGN: Agglomerated from corks sorted by ESAT
Contact: Charles Barangé
Tel: +33 7 76 04 44 05 –

BEDI (Brazey en Plaine, 21470)
Robotic machine for automatic packing of glass bottles lying and standing in a carton. Very compact, flexible and ergonomic machine based on an articulated robot.
Contact: Denis Dias
Tel: +33 3 26 55 58 33 –

CP CREATION (Epernay, 51200)
Viticore is the first simple, innovative and 100% adaptable e-commerce solution to all winegrowers.
This vivid and evolving e-commerce tool respects the identity of the winegrower and above all allows him to open up to the web without disrupting his sales and loyalty methods while improving his sales strategy.
Contact: Emeline Flan
Tel: +33 3 26 53 33 53

D-INNOVATION (Beychac et Caillau, 33750)
The innovation is a tank level gauge. It is completely hygienic, does not need to be cleaned, does not clog due to grape skins, grape seeds, etc., It allows to visualize the level of a tank, to have an accurate and fast reading of the wine level and volume in the tank and it does not require having tanks connected to an energy source
Contact: Justine Larrous
Tel: +33 6 66 26 94 73 –

LBM INDUSTRIES (Reims, 51100)
This is an equipment that automatically removes the protective sleeves from bottles before their final wrapping which can speed up to 12,000 bph.
This machine, which is placed before the washer on the dressing line, allows several types of bottles to be processed, silkscreened or not.
Contact: Dominique Lambert
Tel: +33 3 26 04 04 77 26 –

MANULOC (Reims, 51100)
It is a switch connected to the dashboard of the machine. It is being activated by the driver pressing an alert button, who chooses between different options (for instance breakdown, accident, location) it is then sent by email via the GPRS network and allows instant processing of the problem.
Contact: Coralie Roussel
Tel: +33 6 98 39 12 75 –

NUTACO (Bligny, 51170)
Natural herbal preparations : A range of 3 products: NutaMildium, NutaBot, NutaSelect.
The Natural Herbal preparations and have an action on the functioning of the plant and direct action on any encountered problem.
In foliar spraying or as a root contribution, the main preparations act on the natural defenses of plants and other plants by providing active ingredients, vitamins and minerals that can be assimilated immediately.
Contact: Noemie Truchon
Tel: +33 6 11 90 42 93 –

OENO CONCEPT (Epernay, 51)
An app on a smartphone or tablet allows monitoring the winemaking process(es). Notifications report on various status changes or alarms. A simple system for remote monitoring of processes that do not require an operator at all times. Type stirring, pressing, and fermentation.
Use of mobile networks.
Contact: Frédéric Gory
Tel: +33 3 26 51 14 13 –

Application on Smartphone which will allow to better understand the final effervescence of the wines. For the winemaker, the crown capsule seal is a valuable tool to control gas exchanges during aging on lees. The developer will enter all the parameters that will define the initial quantity of CO2 present in the bottle (sugar concentration of the wine at the draw and volume of the drawn bottle), those that will determine the correlated rate of CO2 loss (choice of capsule seal, neck diameter)Contact: Virginie Thollin
Tel: +33 6 14 49 14 35 –

SAS RAVILLON ROBERT (Vert-Toulon, 51130)
A completely automatic system that regulates and automates the management of wine spraying. The process guarantees the driver the quality and comfort of work. This system is complete and is above all an offer that adapts to old and new sprays and all brands.
Contact: Philippe Ravillon
Tel: +33 3 26 52 10 10 –

SMURFIT KAPPA (Saint-Mande, 94160)
E-commerce box for Champagne shipping: box 100% recyclable, with a guarantee of the integrity of the product in transport and messaging. Aesthetic box, luxury orientation for interior printing, tamper-proof box, box to promote the customer experience and highlight the value of champagne.
Contact: Laure Arvois
Tel: +33 6 22 14 37 78 –

SOYEUX GROUP (Epernay, 51200)
Multifunctional robotic machine with a single tool for boxing in the form of release lines and unboxing of the bottles to feed the dressing lines. In addition, the bottles stored on pallets are transferred.
Contact: Fabrice Soyeux
Tel: +33 3 26 59 99 04 –

STILL (Marne la Vallée, 77716)
STILL OPX: 10 in 1
A complete range of order pickers to meet the specific needs of customers. The best way to fight MSDs (Musculoskeletal Disorders) is to have the right tool to do the job. Thanks to the wide variety of models available in the OPX range, STILL introduces a level of performance and comfort never before achieved by a picker. In a world where all tasks become specialized and complex, STILL provides a range of practical solutions to eliminate the annoyance by providing productivity and simplicity.
Contact: Lise Gerbet
Tel: +33 1 64 17 40 73 –

MISSION.WIZI.FARM is a platform that connects winegrowers who need qualified skills on their farm, with people (farmers, young retirees, students, employees…) who are available, competent and who may have the equipment.
Contact: Lauriane Douce de La Salle
Tel: +33 6 22 59 26 18 –