The 2019 Winners

Every edition of VITeff, since 1984, the « Innovation Prize » organized by Epernay Agglo Champagne rewards the most innovative companies in the wine sector.

In order to meet the current and future innovation challenges for the sector, the 2019 innovation awards categories were as follows:

  • Viticulture
  • Oenology
  • Process, products, and consumables
  • Marketing and services
  • Jury Price

Only companies exhibiting at VITeff can apply to one of the 5 categories. Particular attention is given to files that take sustainable development into account.

Category vinegrowing

VITIBOT (Reims, 51)

This 100% electric and 100% autonomous robot is dedicated to winemaking work. It is a universal platform that supports viticulturists in the exploitation of their vineyards thanks to the latest technological solutions. It is designed to perform different tasks and, initially, working the soil.
Contact: Mathieu Nowara
Tel: +33 6 73 28 78 64 —

Category Enology

OENO CONCEPT (Epernay, 51)

Visualization of the movement and behavior of the deposit in the bottle during the entire stirring cycle. It allows the stirring program to be adapted to changes in winemaking processes: bottle shapes, oenological products, reduction in process times, changes in wine compositions, etc.
Contact: Fabien Semence
Tel: +33 3 26 51 14 30 —

Category Technological innovation “Process, products and consumables”


Robot encartonnage
Multi-format coated bottle packer with bottle orientation in the carton and installation of an anti-abrasion protection sheet for dressing. This compact machine can be adapted to different locations on customer sites.
Contact: Stéphane Lambert
Tel: +33 3 26 04 77 26 —

Category Marketing/services

EOS (Dizy, 51)

“Cap” device inserting the head of the cork after its sealing on large bottles, from the jeroboams. The device makes it possible to harmonize the size of the cork heads and the rings of the large bottles in an aesthetic way.
Contact: Charles Barangé
Tel: +33 7 76 04 44 05 —

Jury Prize


Muselet YO
The three-legged muselet called “YO” is designed to hold the cork stopper on the ring in order to maintain the tightness. It has 3 legs unlike traditional snouts which have 4 legs. This concept makes it possible to reduce the weight of the wire harness by nearly 15 to 20%, and thus to contribute to the reduction of packaging.
Contact: Clovis Malherbe
Tel : +33 6 25 59 48 48 —