Eco-friendly Exhibition

Charity Commitment

Les Ateliers de la Vallée
It is an helping service establishment via working (E.S.A.T) founded in 1976 by “Papillons Blancs en Champagne” at Epernay. Its main goal is to support people in job insecurity, the aim is to help them develop professional projects.
More information (french version) : Les Ateliers de la Vallée

Eco-friendly Exhibition

As part of our daily activity, we have an environmental impact. We take it consciously into consideration in order to minimise it, assuming our responsibility for this serious matter.

Some of our initiatives:

I Eco–friendly Communication

  • On the VITeff website, visitors and exhibitors can find all the information they need about VITeff, including an online catalogue, practical information, map and programme.
  • All of our marketing and communication documents are printed double-sided.
  • At the end of each show, we count the number of unused documents in order to cut down on printing at the next show.

II Eco-friendly transport

In our practical information section, we provide exhibitors and visitors with all the information they need to come to the show by public transport.

III Purchasing, equipment and service selection policy

  • The majority of caterers at VITeff sell regional products.
  • We limit the distribution of advertising materials as they are often thrown away.

IV Controlling consumption and managing waste

  • Our caterer uses reusable crockery and cutlery.
  • We are in contact with a service provider in order to set up a quality waste management system:
    • During set-up: Provision of bins for wood, cardboard, film, covers and unrecyclable waste and removal of waste.
    • During VITeff: Provision of green bins for glass, yellow bins for recyclable waste and black bins for unrecyclable waste and removal of waste. SITA also provides exhibitors with the corresponding bin bags.
    • During the dismantling phase: Provision of bins for wood, cardboard, film and covers and unrecyclable waste and removal of waste. Removal and recycling of the carpet.
  • Instead of installing independent sinks, we offer exhibitors a glass hire / washing service. The exhibitors do not have to wash their glasses themselves and it allows us to save water.

V Raising awareness about the environment

The environment is an important part of our programme: water, carbon, biodiversity and climatology plans.