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VITeff is a four-day international trade show dedicated to sparkling wine making techniques. The fair showcases the following techniques:

Wine-growing equipment: tractors, ground working, planting, fertiliser and pesticide spreading, pruning and vine maintenance.

Wine-producing equipment: transport, handling, pressing, grape harvest processing, fermenting rooms, analysis equipment.

Bottling equipment: cleaning, filling, disgorging, sealing, crating, handling and storage.

Products and accessories needed for wine-growing: pesticides, fertilisers and biodegradable products.

Products for producing and processing wines: maintenance, cleaning, treating must and wines.

Products and consumables for bottling and selling: bottles, corks, wire caps, caps and outer packaging.

Buildings and general products: energy, fluids, environment, hygiene, logistics, IT and maintenance.

Services: service providers, consultancy services, commercial and financial support, communications, oenological analysis laboratories.

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