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Charity Commitment

In order to be a supporting exhibition, a commitment for charities is at the heart of our concerns.

  • And you, how many lives would you save today?

The French Blood Service (L’Etablissement Français du Sang "EFS"),in partnership with Lions Club, encourages blood transfusion to save lives (traffic accident, emergencies etc.). This service is a main public health actor for helping patients with blood diseases also.
More information : The French Blood Service Website

  • « The Valley workshops" ( Les Ateliers de la Vallée )
    It is an helping service establishment via working (E.S.A.T) founded in 1976 by "White Butterflies Association" at Epernay (Association Papillons Blancs - Epernay). The main mission is to support people in job insecurity, the aim is to help them develop professional projects.
    More information (french version) : Les Ateliers de la Vallée