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Visit Champagne-Ardenne

Discover Champagne-Ardenne !

The region’s name refers to the prestigious vineyard which beautifies the territory. Each of the four departments from the Champagne-Ardenne invites to eat lavishly but also to explore the historical culture.

Discover a gastronomic region where are mixed with sensitiveness raffined bubbles and flavours. Enter in the Champagne mysterious world and discover beneath the ground, sheltered from prying eyes, champagne supreme reign.

Here, winegrowers, heirs to an age-old tradition, initiate their guests into the secrets surrounding the elaboration of the Wine of Kings and how it should be savoured. Take the time to discover the cellars of Champagne we have selected for you. (Dom Caudron, Vincent D’astrée, Luc Derouillat, Caillez Lemaire, Harlin…) And to further delight the palate, local tradition invites visitors to discover the region’s highly sophisticated traditional dishes.

In the heart of the deep forests of the Ardennes Massif, across its great cereal plains, and on the hillsides of its vineyards and valleys, Champagne-Ardenne provides nature lovers with countless unforgettable experiences in unspoilt landscapes. Water is omnipresent, an irresistible invitation to fishing and water sports, to relaxation in thermal spas or discovery of the common cranes that abound on Champagne’s lakes…

Steeped history, Champagne-Ardenne region owns an incomparable cultural heritage such as the know-how of its craftspeople, from slate to crystalware, and from wickerwork to hosiery.

More information : Regional commitee of Champagne-Ardenne