17-20 october 2017
Epernay - Le Millesium

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Workshop IFV

Workshop organized by the French Institute of the Vine and the Wine in partnership with the ADEPTA and the Interprofessional Committee of the Wine from Champagne.

Language: French and English (simultaneous translation)

Thursday 15 October 2015 2:00PM - 4:00PM

Water is essential to the life on the ground. It dissolves and transfers essential oxygen, carbonic gas and rock salt for the living organisms. The level of precipitation connection with the average of temperatures defines the characteristics of the terrestrial ecosystems and takes part in the diversity of the wine soils. Parallel to an increasing demand for the needs domestic, industrial and agricultural, it is probable that the climate changes to come contribute to a rarefaction of water, in particular by a modification of the mode of precipitations and an increase in the evapotranspiration. In parallel, an environmental strategy at the level of the exploitation, of the cellar, of the territory, integrates a limitation of the water pollution.

The wine sector must integrate this major stake which constitutes water in a vision of sustainable development and the point of view of evolution of the climate. French and international experts, will develop the various facets associated with the use of water since the production of the grapes until the development of the wines.


  • Water, climate changes and sustainable development: challenges, lawful and normative evolutions.
  • Optimal management of water during the production of the grapes and development of the wines.
  • Traitement water of washing of the pulverizers and effluents of cellars: innovation and experience feedbacks.
  • “Water Plan” in wine regions.


  • Introduction : Denis VELUT representative of the area Champagne and Jean-Pierre VAN RUYSKENVELDE Chief Executive Officer of the IFV.
  • Joël ROCHARD, IFV : Water, a major stake of the sustainable viticulture.
  • Jean Michel DESEIGNE, IFV : Optimal management of water in the cellars.



  • Arnaud DESCOTES, CIVC : Water Plan of Champagne.
  • Dario MARENGO, company ZEOFITO, Italy : Example of processing liquid waste of cellar by bed planted of reeds on support of zeolites.
  • Dirk WEICHGREBE , ISAH (Institute of the Urban Management of Water and Waste) Hanover, Germany : Application of methanisation to the liquid waste processing of cellar.


Champagne Hall Auditorium / Free access