17-20 october 2017
Epernay - Le Millesium

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Innovation Journey

Just like every edition of VITeff and since 1984, the Innovation Prize organized by Epernay ‘Pays de Champagne’ Federation of Municipalities rewards the most innovative companies of the wine sector.

Only the exhibiting companies that candidated before Friday 15th May 2015, for the following categories:

• viticulture
• oenology
• process, products and consumables
• marketing and services
public special prize

A particular attention was paid to sustainable development integrated candidatures.

Each laureate, one per category, received a €2.000 grant. The Champagne-Ardenne Region, Champagne Entrepreneurs Club, Epernay ‘Pays de Champagne’ Federation of Municipalities contributed to the financing of these prizes.

The pre-selection jury, composed of professionals, met mid-June and the audition of the selected candidates took place Thursday 25th June.

The prizes presentation will be Tuesday 13th October during VITeff, with the exception of the Public prize which will be Friday 16th October at the exhibition closing.

The innovation of this 2015 edition is the setting up of a dematerialized public vote thanks to VITeff app. The public will be able, via QR Codes, to vote directly from the stands…

Like the previous editions, the winning innovations will be honored in a dedicated space. An Innovation journey will also be materialized in VITeff paths. Find it in VITeff app! Download the map now !

Discover the 2015 Innovation Prize companies :

Champagne Hall :

  • ADT Technologies (Allée AB Stand 39) : Trolley with articulated axle trees conceived to reduce the physical risks and facilitate the vine husbandry. Viticulture category Laureate
  • Le Sanglier Packaging (Allée A Stand 12) : Cardboard printed case with 3D holographic effects thanks to the “Fresnel lens” technic, reminding the Champagne bulles. Marketing & services category Laureate
  • Les Pressoirs Coquard (Allée BC Stand 49) : Simple system of cooling chest integrated to the press permitting to bring the grape juice temperature between 10 and 15°C almost instantly. Oenology category Laureate
  • Seyfert (Allée DE Stand 66) : Carton packaging "Origami 3 bottles" used to protect the bottles in a classic shipment box. Process, products et consumables category Laureate
  • Stahl (Allée AB Stand 39) : Device permitting the use of vine husbandry tools during the whole year without having to raise the wires and facilitating the shoots lifting.

Bulle Hall :

  • Agence Claire D (Allée C Stand 078) : Adhesives labels in wood, customizable and waterproof. Various wood varieties availables.
  • Ecocep (Allée AB Stand 035) : Harvest bucket made with vine stocks waste products mixed with recycled plastic.
  • Software Engineering Tschürtz (Allée CD Stand 089) : Measuring device allowing to follow the pressure evolution inside the bottle during the second fermentation.
  • TraceaCode (Allée CD Stand 095) : Connected label allowing a perfect traceability from the plot to the bottle, and transforming the bottle into a digital communication conveyor.
  • TR Equipements (Allée E Stand 140) : Cold-storage power system allowing to optimize the energy consumption of a winery.
  • Zanon (Allée A Stand 037) : System preventing the cut of the electric secateurs cable by the user thanks to a special cable which contains an aluminum foil and a copper shielding braid.