17-20 october 2017
Epernay - Le Millesium

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Stand Equipment: Cork Stools

Arrange your stand with cork stools!

VITeff joins forces with Bruschi Creations to propose you designed furniture to stylize your stand.

We propose you the cork stool with a funny pop design inspired by the champagne cork and its wire-cap. The seat is in recycled cork and the structure in steel.
It is possible to personalize the seat with your logo or any other inscription.

Price of the cork stool:

• €176 HT for the 46cm seat height (chair)
• €212 HT for the 66 and 76cm heights

Silkscreen printing option on top of the cork: €50 HT

To order or get more information, please contact Bruschi Creations at:
antoine-bruschicreations orange.fr Tel: