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Dates and opening hours

The exhibition will be open from Tuesday 17 to Friday 20 October 2017, from 9:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m., at the Millesium Exhibition Centre, Epernay.

When delivering material, please state that it is for VITeff along with your stand number, and send packages to this address:

Le Millésium
1 rue Jean Bagnost
51530 PIERRY

General Commission
Phone: + 33 (0)3 26 50 66 73

Installation and dismantling

In order to facilitate your choice of carpeting, here are the colours of VITeff 2017 aisles:

  • Champagne Hall : Fuchsia
  • Bulle Hall : Apple green

Stands Set-up

Heavy and bulky equipment

The trucks entry will be by the principal access Porte SUD, only on assembly and disassembly access badges presentation. A specific day will be dedicated to the delivery and setting up in the Bulle Hall (marquee), and another one for the Champagne Hall.

• The 10th October 2017 for the Bulle Hall (marquee)
• The 11th October 2017 for the Champagne Hall

• Your carpet must be set down in your stand the 9th October by midnight for the Bulle Hall and the 10th October by midnight for the Champagne Hall.

Reminder :
• We consider as heavy equipment, any material with a maximal load of 750 KG per square meter. It is compulsory to take your own load sharing metal table (20cmx20cm) for each leg of the equipment to set-up. We consider as bulky equipment, any material with dimensions superior to 2 meters tall, 2 meters wide, and 4 meters length,

Dismantling of stands

Actions are :

Authorized the 20th October from 8PM to Midnight in the VITeff area for the « small » equipment or the sensible material.
Forbidden the 21th and 22th October
Finished the 24th October at 6PM for the Bulle Hall
Finished the 27th October at Noon for the whole area

We would also like to remind you that, in the Bulle Hall, the Champagne Hall and the annexes, use of a superior quality repositionable double-sided adhesive tape such as REVTEX will be obligatory for fixing carpeting in place.
Non-compliance with this requirement will incur a penalty of 22.40 € excluding tax per square metre rented.

Finally, in order to facilitate the work of the exhibition surveillance teams, it would be helpful if the personnel installing your stand were identified by wearing either a t-shirt or a badge bearing your company’s name.