17-20 october 2017
Epernay - Le Millesium

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Car Park

Paid car park for exhibitors

Be careful: there’s no parking space included with your badge access.
Charged car park for exhibitors are located next to Bulle Hall or Champagne Hall. Exhibitors who buy a car park place, will receive an individualised and unforceable badge. It costs €23 and can be used from 5th to 23th october. Places are limited according to the stand size.

Car Park

Two types of car park are available: Exhibitor and Visitor car park. Each will have a specific signage system to access to the exhibition.

Exhibitors Car Park
Two areas are available. The first one is close to the Community Hotel, and the second one next to the Champagne Hall.

Community Hotel Car Park
For the first one, a shuttle will be organized between 8:30AM and 10:30AM, and between 7:30PM and 8:30PM. This shuttle will drop off the exhibitors inside VITeff, at the entry of the hard building.

Champagne Hall Car Park
For the second one, the access will be controled by the security team, which will check the exhibitor car park access badges that have been sent to you by email.

To access to these two car parks, exhibitors and co-exhibitors will have to come imperatively by the road Jean Valentin (Roundabout between Jacquet Assurance and Valentin Company)