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Car Park

Paid exhibitor parking

Please note that there is no longer any entitlement to parking included in registration.
Exhibitors who purchase a parking space will receive a “specific and forgery-proof access badge” for the price of €24.60 plus tax (valid from 9th to 27th October 2017). Spaces are limited depending on the size of the stand.

Two types of car parks will thus be offered: an exhibitor car park and visitor car park. Each will be subject to specific signage to access the fair.
We are determined to improve access to the visitor and exhibitor car parks from this 14th edition of the event. To do this, we will enter into consultation with the Community of Epernay Municipalities Champagne Region and the town of Epernay in close collaboration with the Champagne Entrepreneurs’ Club.
Our aim is to offer visitors two relief car parks, the first
for visitors arriving from Reims and the second for visitors from the Côte des Blancs.
These car parks will be served by free shuttle buses.
3 exhibitor car parks will be offered:

  • The first behind the Community of the Conurbation Epernay, Coteaux and Plaine de Champagne.
  • The second on the same level as the Hall Champagne.
  • The third in the first spaces opposite the entrance to VITeff.

This will free up the “first car park” immediately opposite the main
entrance to the fair for visitors. During the exhibition, we will make assembly - disassembly exhibitor parking spaces available to you. These will be sent to the headquarters of your company by post.
These assembly and disassembly parking spaces will be valid from 9th to 16th October 2017 and from 23rd to 27th October 2017, and will be allocated pro rata based on the hired area.