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The Careers Gateway

The Careers Gateway is a regional initiative for the sector, organised in partnership by Skills Space Champagne Ardenne, the Employment Agency of Épernay and its Region and the Community of the Conurbation Epernay, Coteaux and Plaine de Champagne and with the support of the Regional Council Grand Est.

The 10th edition will take place during VITeff over the 4 days of the fair and will offer, among other things, a Skills Space !
The aims of this Gateway are to raise awareness of the diversity of jobs in the Champagne sector, provide information about sectors that are recruiting and advise visitors on how they can do further research.
The Gateway also has the role of promoting technological expertise and will notably offer an Innovation Pole.
Over 4 days, the Gateway will offer :

  • A demonstration with interactive workshops on the topics of Vine and Vinification (grafting, size, riddling, cellar) and Industry (boiler-making, machining, production, operation of automated and robot systems).
  • Practical exercises to test professional skills with simulated job interviews
  • An advice space for visitors hoping to find a new job and develop their professional network (“5 Minutes to Impress” workshop and personalised advice)
  • Exchange workshops on the job market and the development of skills and qualifications
  • Guided visits to exhibitor stands with members of the public already sensitised to professions in advance
  • Demonstration of new technologies such as the Techno Ride virtual headset and a 3D printer

Over the 4 days of VITeff, the Gateway will welcome school pupils looking for guidance, young people aged under 26, job seekers, entrepreneurs, and professionals.

For more information, contact Gaëlle Quenelisse / gquenelisse-mdem.epernay